Who we are

I’m Candace.

Visionary Founder of Breathe Heart Soul.

A vibe curator, boho-inspired clothing and adornments for free-spirits who embrace GODDESS vibes. Empowering women to be unapologetically herself, be bold and curate a whole vibe.

I have to admit, I’m a whole vibe. Creative, soulful, passionate, bold and unapologetic.

Advocating for women who live unapologetically and show up with grace and courage as she lights up rooms.

Breathe Heart Soul is where fashion and passion for living a whole vibe lifestyle aligns. Featuring bohemian-inspired eclecticism; bold colors and graphic prints, rich textures, fringe and lace. Limited statement pieces.

I believe life is a vibe curate; with tangible and intangible elements, a true reflection of your enthusiasm for life.

BREATHE - Be you!

HEART - Be bold!

SOUL - Be a whole vibe!