Inside Look. My why?

I’m Candace. 

Creative, soulful, passionate. I’m also a mom, who shares a passion with so many creative women whose priorities shifted after becoming a mother. Life changes in surprising ways, know matter how driven you are. 

I have always envisioned a quaint boutique, offering one of a kind, statement pieces for the ever-curious. Pursuing a dream is a sense of accomplishment, and personal fulfillment, however; there are different seasons to life. When the kids were younger and more dependent,  it was my season to do anything and everything to ensure their health and happiness.

Aspirations of owning a boutique in an ever-changing world of color and texture excited me then, and excites me today. There is a sense of joy, nostalgia, beauty and freedom in clothing and accessories that compliments my vibrant, expressive spirit. 

A whole vibe lifestyle.

Inspired by fashion, music, interior design and cultural influences many moons ago, as a child, ignited a passion for creative and artistic expressions. I find magic in bohemian, ethno, fashion mixed with minimalism and maximalism styles - eclectic aesthetics; whimsical, free-spirited, vibrant colors and textures exude relaxation and creativity within, it is a true reflection of my enthusiasm for life. 

Breathe Heart Soul is where fashion and passion for living a whole vibe lifestyle aligns. I believe life is a vibe you curate; tangible and intangible elements brought together to create energy and experiences.