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Who we are

A free-spirited online boutique established in Richmond, VA. A vibe curator of bohemian inspired women's clothing and accessories - statement pieces.

What we sell

Breathe Heart Soul is for a casual day out, a night out, or even lounging at home. High quality versatile styles for women who exude goddess vibes.

Featuring boho eclecticism; bold colors and graphic prints, rich textures, fringe and patterns, curated selections of kimonos, beautiful bags and accessories.

Breathe Heart Soul empowers women to be unapologetically herself, be bold, and curate a whole vibe.

Phoenix crochet cardigan

Limited quantity

Why Phoenix?

This mythical bird is a symbol of hope, renewal, rebirth, courage, resurrection, solitude, and grace. Just like the phoenix emerges from its ashes, so can YOU after devastation and loss. The Phoenix gives mankind hope and urges us to continue on.

Be you. Be bold. Be a whole vibe.


Crochet Cardigan

Limited Edition

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